My Railroad Journeys

As we travel to different countries across many continents, there’s one railway journey I always try to put in the itenary. UK, Egypt, Sri Lanka and recently Iran… we have travelled across many landscapes and sceneries but some remain etched in my mind.
Developed and run by the British in most of its colonies, this source of travel across various altitudes gave us a immense insight into land and its people as we passed by. Continue reading My Railroad Journeys

IRAN: Uncovering the facts

Persia, as we have read in our history books has influenced vastly the culture of Indian subcontinent. So my trip to Iran was an attempt to visit this impressive civilisation against all odds to discover the arts and its makers in their own land. Once we landed we figured that the fear or the threat to not enter this terrain was not from any external environment but it comes from within our soul. Here are a few facts that surprised and even amused us at times.
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